Pet Airways Crashes on Opening Day!

I have a Google alert for "website crash", which means I get lots of news stories about other kinds of crashes that I have to sift through. Normally the words "airline" and "crash" only combine in the most tragic of stories, but today I was treated to a rare and delightful exception!

That's right, the website of Pet Airways, which caters strictly to the travel needs of canines and felines , crashed after going live because of all the Marmadukes and Garfields in the world wanting to book a flight! I thought an airline catering strictly to pets was a joke until I found out otherwise, and there must be considerable demand for the website to go down on the very first day! But it makes sense if you think about it - for many people, their pets ARE their children, and who wants their kids riding in cargo class?

I suspect that news about website crashes tends to be viewed in a positive light by many people because it implies a kind of overwhelming interest in something, like the pale pink and royal blue coats worn by the Obama girls at the Inauguration. But I can assure you they did not receive one million simultaneous visitors like the record-setting test CapCal is aiming to do. The embarrassing truth is that many web apps aren't equipped to handle several thousand, much less a million users all at once. But they could easily have lost a million dollars in tickets that went unpurchased, and that is tragic indeed.

Perhaps Pet Airways might be interested in seeing their name in the Guinness Book of World Records as the first company to break the million user load barrier. I admit that it's not the comic motherlode (ahem) of but it certainly has potential, doggone it!

Meanwhile I am hoping that the visitor from will come back and revisit my open challenge to boost their image - can they handle the really heavy loads or not? And if not, why have they not signed up with Amazon Elastic Cloud Services?

These are the questions that I need answered.

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