Spectacular J Crew Crash on Inauguration Day!

Here is an interesting article about how the J Crew website crashed on Inauguration Day when umpteen thousand women and girls decided they MUST have the pale pink and royal blue wool coats worn by Obama's daughters!

According to the NY Times:

By Tuesday afternoon, the Web page on J. Crew’s site that features women’s gloves had crashed. By Wednesday morning, the whole women’s section of the site had crashed. Later in the day, the entire site was down, with a note that said, “Stay tuned…Sorry, we’re experiencing some technical difficulties right now (even the best sites aren’t perfect). Check back with us in a little while.”

J. Crew’s Web site joins the many media sites that could not keep up with the surge of inauguration Web traffic. Many of the sites that promised to stream live video of the inauguration struggled or failed to provide a steady stream because of the influx of traffic.

I think you can see why I chose this particular photo - it wasn't just J Crew, their suppliers, and their suppliers' suppliers who felt the pain, it was the many media sites that could not keep up with the traffic. Hence the spectacular collision depicted above.

It will take me a while to write up this many tickets so please check back later.

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