Kaiser Chiefs Website Crash Fiasco!

I confess my musical ignorance for not knowing who the Kaiser Chiefs are but the crash of a website selling tickets to their show had an especially nasty twist to it. This happened yesterday, so the news doesn't get much fresher than this, folks!

You can read the article in its entirely here, but the gist of it is that when they brought the site back up it had been restored to a point prior to when the tickets were sold! That means many people bought tickets to a sold-out show, only to discover later that their tickets were worthless!

In this case there was no money actually lost (the show was sold out), but the embarrassment and PR fiasco made up for it. Were it something besides a concert there could have been lawsuits to deal with!

Since I have now signed up for Google Alerts on the topic of website crashes I'm sure I'll be busy as a beaver with these posts, so check back often!

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