New KFC Coupon - Not for Corporate Chickens!

KFC president Roger Eaton posted a web video apologizing for the ruckus that was caused by the Oprah free dinner stampede but I refuse to accept his apology until he redeems this coupon for a free CapCal Crash Test! Once they discover what their real limits are, they can go about expanding them on demand with an EC2 cloudbursting strategy. If the fast food industry is really fast, they'll beat the crowds who are stampeding in this direction. If not, they will be trampled time and time again by the effects of their own success.

Please note that this is not the same thing as the record-breaking million user load test we are hoping to do on Rather it is the first of many coupons that will be issued to companies who prove they need it by making headlines due to a website fiasco.

We thought about exchanging coupons with them but I'm on a slow food diet so we opted not to. On the theory that there are only 6 degrees of separation between me and Roger Eaton, if you happen to know somebody who knows somebody who knows him, would you please let him know about this incredible offer? I don't want to resort to posting my own web video but if it comes to that I will. I see this as a matter of their fiduciary duty to the KFC shareholders and not only that, Colonel Sanders would have wanted it this way!

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