A Free Coupon for the Queen of Everything!

Rather than do the investigative reporting that would have been necessary to discover where the crash actually happened, we decided to do the right thing and issue the same coupon to Oprah as we did to Roger Eaton at KFC! It doesn't hurt that she's probably the richest woman in the world and hobnobs with the First Couple, so wherever her legions of fans go a-clickin' you can expect her website to really take a-lickin' (and I don't mean finger-lickin' good either).

One of the most interesting articles I've read recently is by Nati Shalom from GigaSpaces talking about autoscaling to avoid peak load provisioning. Peak load provisioning is what Oprah would have to do to handle the heaviest possible load on her website but how on earth will she know what that is? Could it be a million, like the soon-to-be CapCal World Record, or could it be higher?

It could be much higher, that's what, and that's why the kind of autoscaling Mr. Shalom is talking about holds the key to the success of the "elastic cloud" model. As I mentioned, I am going to be doing a number of scientific experiments in this area and posting them here on the CapCal Blog. Specifically I want CapCal itself to autoscale so I don't have to own and operate an entire server farm to keep it going! And don't get me started on all the funny things that come to mind when I hear the term "server farm" or I will exceed the allotted space for this posting.

But come back soon, y'all hear?

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