In the News - Jonas Brothers Website Crashes

This just in from on March 23:

Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas

The Jonas Brothers’ brand new fan club website crashed this morning as fans tried to grab tickets for the upcoming tour.

Several thousand fans hit the website in hopes of landing pre-sale passes to the North American concerts, causing the website to crash.

A statement from the Jonas Brothers reads,

“Due to overwhelming demand among Team Jonas members for pre-sale tickets for the Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009, the official Team Jonas fan club website experienced intermittent problems this morning, causing delays among members attempting to connect to purchase tickets.

“For those of you still needing access codes, we are in the process of contacting fan club members individually with a solution so that you can purchase tickets as soon as possible. Rest assured that only Team Jonas fan club members will continue to have exclusive access to purchase tickets for the next 36 hours.”

Looks to me like the Jonas Brothers are in dire need of CapCal services, doesn't it? They obviously tried to go way faster than their infrastructure allowed and ended up crashing. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know who the Jonas Brothers are, but thousands of people apparently do and were trying to buy tickets when their web site hit the wall!

Who knows how much money may have been lost or delayed but this kind of thing happens every day. I notice it myself at least once a day when I click on a CNN news item that points to the website of some TV station in Nebraska - it just can't keep up with the number of clicks it's getting so I give up after waiting 20 or 30 seconds, don't you?

I hope the Jonas Brothers are reading this but what are the chances of that, eh? If they are I'm sure they will insist that their website be outfitted with a CapCal Web Speedometer and subjected to a CloudBurst or two before selling tickets. Speed laws on the Web are self-enforcing as you can see, so at least they didn't get any tickets (but then neither did their fans)!

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