How to Tell When a Load Test Fails

It's important to stress the fact (ahem) that being subjected to a load test and actually passing it are two different things! In this case, the donkey did not pass the load test as you can see.

Here I show what a website crash looks like in graphic form, but not nearly as graphic as this photo! This is a good visual for what most websites would do if they received a million visitors within a 5 minute period. So we aren't looking for companies that want to make an ass of themselves,we're looking for the likes of Mr. John Evans, who can balance a bloody car on his head (he's British, don't forget)!

Sure, sites like Google, Amazon, Yahoo and eBay eat million user loads for breakfast, many times that number in fact. But if you aren't one of these companies it behooves you to see what would happen to your ass in the event of a million user load! You don't want it to be all exposed and dangling in the air like that do you?

I can't show an image of a failed load test in a diaper lab because Google doesn't have one, plus it would be tasteless and offensive. But it's still funny and you can't tell me it isn't - even my mother says it is, so there!

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