Early Attempts at Breaking the Load Barrier

Unlike Britain's John Evans, who holds the Guinness World Record for Head Balancing, breaking the web site load barrier is not a death-defying feat! In fact, CapCal helped NASA get its website ready for live streaming of the shuttle launch in 2001 by testing up to 10,000 users from a globally distributed network like seti@home. Before cloud computing came along, this was really the only way to deliver load tests of virtually unlimited size on demand. I call it cloud computing 1.0 but don't know if anyone else does. Ask me if I care!

As far as our friend John goes, making a living as a World Class Head Balancer has got to be a major headache, don't you think? Do you think it's easy for him to get health and life insurance? Are girls impressed by his card with this photo on it? How many would-be head balancers never made it this far for having assumed the shape of a pancake by trying?

No, we'll settle for the World Record Load Test and leave the Head Balancing to Mr. Evans. However, we are in awe of all the other record holders and will be greatly honored to be listed among them!

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