A Breakthrough in Diapers? Say It Ain't So!

Diapers are pretty much a recession-proof industry, thank God, or I might not feel much like going to a restaurant or shopping mall these days. What the disposable ones do to the environment worries me, however, so I expect our friends at Diapers.com to start offering a biodegradable diaper Really Soon Now. Maybe they already have one but not enough people are buying it, who knows. As long as it doesn't disintegrate too soon is the main thing, but the sooner the better.

Being pretty much a newbie in the whole online diaper space, I imagine diapers.com must be the 800 pound gorilla don't you? Surely there's others, maybe Diapers R Us, but when my baby needs somewhere to poop I will not have time to remember that wacky spelling. No, diapers.com has mindshare, pal, from top to bottom. They wipe out their competition in what is sometimes a messy fight for market dominance as you can imagine.

At the big Diaper Convention in Vegas and Orlando, at least as I imagine it to be, there's rarely any innovations or breakthroughs to announce, and in fact "breakthrough" is a bad word to a diaper designer. So I would think a million user load test on diapers.com would be something to shoot the you-know-what about at the hotel bar after the show closes.

"It's a fact, Jack - moving diapers through a brick and mortar channel is a load of crap! Online is the ONLY way to go!"

But don't take our word for it - go to www.diapers.com for the real poop.


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  2. Thanks Kim! I hadn't heard of them before and I'm sure they went in the Guinness book for the first million user test a lot fewer people would be able to say that. Don't they think?

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