When you think heavy loads, think Diapers.com!

As I glanced at the stats of the blog a while ago my jaw nearly hit the floor when I noticed a visit from 1800Diapers.com! I came up with the idea of comparing the two types of "load testing" a long time ago as a joke, and now it's right here staring me in the face! It's like when the priest, the nun and the rabbi walked into a bar and the bartender said "What is this, some kind of a joke"?

There really IS a God, of course, and I believe God wants people to laugh - how can you not laugh at a record-breaking load test on diapers.com? Like the lady whose baby was emitting a foul order and when someone suggested a change she replied "But it says on the box that it's good for up to 10 pounds"!

Ba da bing!

But seriously, folks, an online diaper store has got to be online and responsive at all times if it wants to sell diapers. Why, in such uncertain times as these we can just as easily expect a rush on diapers as on any other essential item. So knowing that they have the capacity, or if they don't they can easily add it on Amazon EC2, is essential to their business, unlike the supermarkets who stock them on shelves. So it's no laughing matter - even though it is patently hilarious - to say that CapCal and Amazon provide the "other" kind of load testing that is equally important in the diaper industry!

If one company could ask another for its hand in marriage (publicity-wise, that is), I would be on my knee at the diapers.com company headquarters in New York, genuflecting to the V.P of Marketing and extolling the many hilarious possibilities of a joint campaign! Just getting into the Guinness Book of Records would be a load of fun by itself!

Let's hear some possible ad campaign slogans, shall we? Anyone dare to be first or must I always be the one to get the ball rolling?

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