Wal-Mart Website Crashes on Black Friday!

This newsflash is not as fresh as the Jonas Brothers meltdown, but it's certainly not prehistoric like the Victoria Secret Superbowl event - that was 1999, folks, not just a decade ago but the end of the last Millennium! If I dedicated this blog ONLY to website crashes I would never run out of things to write about! If you don't believe me, do a google on "website crashes" and you will get 7,810,000 hits!

Let's face it, if the Web were a racetrack there would be spectacular wrecks happening far more often than in the Indy 500! Watching the flame-outs is one of the things I enjoy most about the Indy or the Formula One, but I doubt the drivers would agree unless it was some other guy!

You may laugh (I know I do), but you can bet that the shareholders of Wal-Mart were not laughing about missing out on THE biggest sales day of the year. How on earth can a company as big and powerful and RICH as Wal-Mart allow such a thing to happen? Need I remind you that they are THE biggest company in the WORLD?

I'm sure heads were rolling at whatever company manages their IT operations (or formerly managed them that is). That's the kind of news we usually don't read about, maybe because people getting fired is such a routine occurrence. But when the biggest company in the world misses out on the biggest sales day of the year you would think SOMEBODY would say something about the emperor's lack of clothes!

Well, that "somebody" would be Yours Truly and I just may appoint myself Web Traffic Cop if you're not careful!

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