CapCal Agile Performance Testing

CapCal Agile Performance Testing (ATP) is a free online performance testing service designed to turn manual tests into performance tests that can be easily integrated into any agile development framework. Along with the pass/fail status of the unit and functional tests, developers and QA analysts can now track overall performance trends that take everything into account, including bandwidth and throughput. The impact of that new Flash animation on the Sales Order page will be immediately obvious instead of waiting until a few days before Go Live to be discovered. And since we’ve gone to the trouble of building performance tests into the development cycle, it only makes sense for those in QA and Operations to leverage those tests instead of “rolling their own” and duplicating all that work.

With CapCal APT, you can capture your manual tests and use them to create performance tests, which are automatically uploaded to the CapCal host server and used to drive the controller and load agent on your desktop (or whichever machine is doing the work). A 2 minute performance test using 40 virtual users will yield a wealth of information about how the application performs under load, even if it doesn’t begin to tax the server. If today’s performance results are 30% worse than yesterday’s, it’s easy to pinpoint the cause and much easier to fix it than it would be later.

Of course, CapCal APT is just the tip of the CapCal iceberg, which covers the performance testing gamut from development to production, including the cloud and the Internet itself. But for the teaming masses that simply want to measure performance in an agile development environment, it’s just what the doctor ordered!

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