Cloub Lab Grid Automation Comes to EC2 and IBM Smart Cloud

Stare at this a few secs and watch it shimmer

Everybody remembers when the concept of grid computing first became popular  It was the early 2000’s when projects like seti@home and the Human Gnome Project harnessed the power of thousands of computers to work on complex problems  A grid can also be constructed on the LAN, and in fact a private cloud is really just that.  But there was another concept that emerged at the same time called “peer-to-peer”, immortalized by the short-lived Napster project (which was file-sharing only) and made smashingly successful by Skype with its collaborative peer-to-peer model. Both grid computing and collaborative peer-to-peer have found their way into a new cloud-based platform called Cloud Lab Grid Automation.

With Cloud Lab Grid Automation, one person can spin up a “test execution grid” that can execute one test in a tenth of the time or ten times the number of tests in the same amount of time using just 10 instances.  Any data-driven functional test, regardless of the tool being used, can be executed in parallel like this the same way a large problem like the Human Genome Project was divided between many computers.  This same test execution grid can also accomplish what was never really possible before, which is performance testing of thick client applications (Java SWING, .NET, etc). 

100 Instances running the same test with different data

OK, that explains the grid computing part but what about peer-to-peer?  The Cloud Lab Browser session can be shared with as many people as required, just by passing them a link and a code.  The built in chat window shows who is online and logs the conversation while any participant with the proper access level can use any machines in the grid that are not being used.  Since this grid is for execution of tests and not development, rarely does anybody need to establish a direct RDP session – the Cloud Lab commands allow all the usual things to be done, like starting tests, stopping tests, copying tests, test data and test results back and forth, etc.

A Grid with Nine Instances Being Shared Remotely By a Team of Six

Cloud Lab Grid Automation combines two time-tested and successful paradigms and brings them together on the  Cloud to deliver phenomenal testing productivity today. 

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