Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant crashes Howard Stern's website

This appeared in today's Detroit Examiner about how Howard Stern's website was crashed by the "Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant".

According to Liz Brown:

Howard Stern commented Thursday morning: "Doug Herwitz who runs the website, he said 'sure enough, the whole thing went down.' He says he can't even gauge the volume of traffic. Everything's blown out...And we have like a really big server. It's really rare that we can crash this thing."

Sure Doug, you may have a "really big server" but apparently not big enough, because not only size but numbers matter a LOT when hosting content that literally millions of guys might be interested in. I suggest that the next time you try something like this you have a load balanced web farm on EC2, maybe 10 Apache Linux instances to start with along with autoscaling that will add more as traffic increases.

If Howard or Doug are out there listening and want to try a free CapCal Crash Test to see at what point their "really big server" starts crapping out, just send an email to "info at capcal.com" and we'll schedule it!

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