Testing - the "Suite Spot" on the Cloud

This recent announcement in InfoWorld represents something of a tectonic shift in the cloud computing world. With IBM announcing its own cloud to compete with Amazon and others, things will definitely be "up in the air" and heating up as far as the cloud is concerned (nudge nudge, wink wink):

“According to IBM research, the average enterprise devotes up to 50 percent of its entire technology infrastructure to development and testing, but typically up to 90 percent of the test infrastructure remains idle. Like many other cloud startups going after the Dev/Test market, IBM found that taking advantage of cloud computing within development and testing environments can help reduce IT labor costs by 50 percent, improve quality, and drastically reduce time to market”.

Half of the enterprise entire tech infrastructure devoted to development and testing while 90% of the test infrastructure remains idle?

I believe it because I see it every day and have for the past couple of decades at least. That is why we are aiming to provide not just load and performance testing but all forms of testing as a service on the cloud. We have a couple of really exciting announcements coming up that will show just how far we've come! For a preview, have a look at this 3 minute video about our functional testing solution being rolled out this quarter.

We would like to hereby welcome IBM not only to the cloud space but the cloud testing space, the "suite spot" of the cloud!

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