Blastoff Leaves the Launch Pad!!

If you haven't heard about it yet I'm sure you will soon enough. But Blastoff Networks left the launch pad on Sunday and CapCal has been working closely with them to ensure that they are ready.

Blastoff belongs in the category of "Wow, why didn't I think of that?" They've teamed up with hundreds of retailers to offer discounts to all their members, and to me it makes perfect sense. Unlike companies that push their members to sell for them, Blastoff just asks you to buy the things you would normally buy but for less money. Oh, and you get paid every time one of your friends buys something!

Pay less for what you buy and get paid when your friends buy for less - that's hard to beat! If this takes off the way I think it will, there will be another household name in the online retailing space before long!

And don't forget you heard it here first, on the CapCal Blog!

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