How Much Did Michael Jackson Rock the Web?

This story in today's New York Times gave some meat to the rumor that Michael Jackson's death wreaked considerable havoc on the Wild Wild Web. One of the metrics that stood out for me was that Yahoo experienced 800,000 clicks in the first 10 minutes, breaking their previous record!

This is copied from the Yahoo corporate blog :

The passing of the
King of Pop set multiple records across Yahoo!. On our front page, the story “Michael Jackson rushed to hospital” was the highest clicking story in our history. It generated a whopping 800,000 clicks within 10 minutes and news of his death saw 560,000 clicks in 10 minutes. Also, the news area on our front page experienced five times the amount of traffic it normally receives.

Yahoo! News set an all-time record in unique visitors with 16.4 million people, surpassing our previous record of 15.1 million visitors on election day. Four million people visited the site between 3-4pm Pacific time, setting an hourly record. We also recorded 175 million page views yesterday, our fourth highest after Inauguration Day, the day after the Inauguration, and Hurricane Ike.

Michael Jackson's hospital visit generated more traffic than the election of the first black president in history! (Or should that be HIStory)? Wow.

I'm thinking of offering an "800,000 clicks in 10 minutes" test and naming it after the King of Pop, what do you think? There would be the Michael Jackson test, the Inauguration Day test and the Hurricane Ike test. Take your pick.

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