Free Scalability Test - Find Your Limits!

Are you about to roll out a new web site or application? Making significant changes to an existing one? Worried that something might go wrong?

Or maybe you are deploying on EC2 with load balancing and autoscaling and need a fast and easy way to configure and fine tune according to the requirements of your application.

Even if the answer to both of these is NO, do you ever wonder what your actual limits are in terms of users browsing your site, choosing products and so forth? It's often not nearly as high as you imagine!

Find out for sure with a free "crash test" from Capacity Calibration using EC2. Just send an email to with a time slot from 8 AM to 6PM CST that works for you and we'll send you a GotoMeeting invitation. In 30 minutes or less, we'll create the test, run it and analyze the results! Or, if you prefer you can go it alone you're welcome to - just spin up a few instances of the CapCal Load agent and go for it!

A number of people have already taken advantage of this offer and we'll be posting the results and their comments on the CapCal Blog.

Please note - this is a special introductory offer that is only available to the readers of High Scalability so don't miss out. Depending on the interest level we may decide to make a free community version available long term.

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