Geeks Really ARE Sexy and Here is the Proof!

Any time you have a story about being the first to do something, the first one to publish the story becomes part of the story, and in this case the award goes to Geeks are Sexy. Dubbed as "tech, science, news and social issues for geeks", we think it's the ideal place for the First Million User load test to appear!

The first ten readers who leave a response will receive a free "find your limits" test, details of which will be posted here on the CapCal blog. Within an hour there were 8 so we will be starting on those right away. With the permission of the participants we will post the test results here also.

As we mentioned before, on the Web size really DOES matter when you are talking about what it takes to handle large numbers of visitors. Maybe we can rename the promotion "Show Us Your Size", or would that be overly suggestive?

Anyway, congrats to the folks at Geeks are Sexy for being the first to publish the story and thank you for a well written article! Check back here for updates as they become available.

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