Election Commission Website in India Crashes

India Times reported today that the Election Commission website had crashed because they "had not anticipated so many hits". Apparently they were only prepared for 2,800 hits per second and got 3 lakh hits per second resulting in "complete breakdown of the server," according to this article.

I don't know what a lakh is, do you? All I know is that it's 8.64 trillion hits in eight hours at 3 lakhs per second so go figure it for yourself. Deputy election commissioner Alok Shukla said "I will not leave office till it is fixed", but the servers "could not be fixed till late into the night". Sound familiar to anyone?

How funny that I was just here rattling on about government websites a few minutes ago and now I find this little nugget nestled in my inbox!

So governments and militaries, like celebrities and businesses, are also exposed to the "common crash". Just how common it is can be easily seen if you check back here every day or two.

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