Elastic Server - a Factory for the Cloud!

To appreciate the power and flexibility of Elastic Server you have to have built at least one server from scratch in your life. If you've built as many as I have it makes this fully automated server assembly factory even more amazing - building a brand new, customized virtual server and deploying it to the cloud can be done literally in minutes. There's a package for everything, and what there isn't you can easily add yourself. This is exactly what cloud computing needs in order to really take off in a big way (and the signs are everywhere that this is happening).

CapCal uses Elastic Server to assemble our ultra light weight load agent, which was built to spec by Elastic Server from a Debian Linux with the Java Runtime and nothing else. This little beauty boots up on Amazon in 20 to 30 seconds as opposed to 3 to 5 minutes for Windows Server 2003! And the amount and responsiveness of the support I've received (as a total Linux idiot) says a whole lot in itself.

With CapCal's new CloudBurst service, dozens or even hundreds of these can be spawned in a flash, and with each of them handling up to 1,000 virtual users or more I think you can see how hundreds of thousands of simultaneous sessions becomes a reality - something that was never possible before cloud computing!

Next I am going to blather on about the word "elastic" and why it is such a great metaphor. But make sure to go here and check out Elastic Server - it deserves a place in your Favorites list like it has in mine!

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