A Busy Customer at the Pet Shop

The test above shows how many pets a single user can buy from the Pet Shop in one minute if they don't pause between pages. Obviously it's not a "real world" simulation since people DO pause between pages, but it's exactly that kind of variability that we have to cut out if we're going to compare apples to apples.

At the top right you see that the total number completed was 55, so we were almost able to buy one persian cat per second. There are 12 pages in this test, which means we are processing almost 12 pages per second, and you can see that the average site delay (the time between when the request was first made and the last byte of the response was received) is only 0.001 seconds, which is 10 milliseconds or 100 microseconds. I'm so old that I remember when certain machine instruction cycles lasted that long!

OK, so what does this tell us about server performance? To test our accuracy, if we double the users we should double the number of cats purchased, right?

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